JWH Custom 50 Pack of 22 LR Rimfire Plastic Safety Snap Caps


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A great way to dry fire any .22 LR Rimfire firearm safely and without chamber damage. 
50 pack of our new snap caps are precisely molded from a resilient polymer for many safe, damage-free hammer drops. 
These practice rounds are ideal for training and or dry fire practice. After extensive experimentation and testing, these tough, polymer snap caps are proven to deliver long life and many hammer drops. 
In fact, testing has shown that these snap caps can withstand up to 5-times as many as hammer drops as the other disposable rimfire snap caps. 
They are made to the exact dimensions a loaded .22 lr round. Dry firing will mark case rim like actual rounds. May be dry fired up to 10 times. Usable life will vary with each firearm model. After numerous hits dispose the snap cap. These dummy rounds are the ideal solution for safe firearm training and storage! Grab some today!


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